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Relaxing Trip

23th to 25th of September, 2018SS S. T. Dupont footwear sales conference was held in 3A headquarters in Zhongshan.

The conference, with its theme of "easy companion", provided a relaxed and memorable "journey" to dealers and direct sales associates all over the country.

Very thoughtful flowers bring a good mood

The theme of the show to draw a hand-painted a vivid street scene. Beautiful woman in vivid colors to become the focus of the scene, she had just been happy shoppeng, of course, ultimately, a pair of S. T. Dupont shoes.

Not far from the newspaper is leisurely man can not help but be attracted to its charm to steal sight. S. T. Dupont shoes can be filled every corner of urban life, whether it is a serious occasion, or a relaxing place, is a high-end restaurant, or afternoon street stone.

The new seasons advertising shoot, the fusion of a line drawing of the virtual scene and character shoes real shot, as if placed in an absurd wonderland,
It may come from our childhood memories, it may come from the portrayal of our dreams. A pair of S. T. Dupont shoes, but it can not be discarded choice.

S. T. Dupont shoes to the latest brand image available, quite a sense of design static display more brand promotion provides another window.

Happy sign of the partners

In full swing at the scene

Perhaps this is the correct way to order

The latest image shows the same shoes area no shortage of attention (order)

Sales conference was a success, but easy to finish, wonderful to be continued. S. T.Dupont spring and summer shoes stocking, please continue to pay attention to access the latest brand information.